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Search engine optimization is big business. The industry is rumored to be circa $5 billion dollars — it’s no wonder there are so many people trying to get into selling SEO services in some description. Let’s take a look at why businesses benefit form SEO services.
First you need to have a rough understanding of how businesses work. The get customers, they sell products and or services, they get paid. So where does the internet come in? People are increasingly using the internet to procure goods and services, therefore it is becoming more and more lucrative for businesses to capitalize on the traffic that comes from internet searches.
How searches work: It’s pretty simple really. People type certain phrases and keywords into search engines. It stands to reason that when someone types a keyword into a search engine, they’re looking for goods/services/products related to their keyword. Anyone can create a Google account (other search engines available) and see how many searches a given keyword gets. What’s important to note, is that Google spends billions on their algorithm, which is supposed to provide searchers with the most relevant search possible. This is both good and bad because sites that show highly in search results benefit from search traffic, which can be converted into sales. On the other side of the coin, businesses that do not show highly in search results do not receive customers from Google.Image result for seo art
So what can be done about this. Google, for example, allows users to advertise their websites using their Ad Words functionality. Using Ad Words creates an advert that shows on the first page of Google. It can be very expensive and, what’s more important, less effective than organically ranked sites.
So where does SEO come in? As I mentioned earlier, organically ranked sites experience more traffic than advertised sites. In fact, they are three times more potent than advertising. SEO is a way of having a site increase organically in search results, so that it receives more traffic. This is why there is such a demand for SEO. Any business who commands the top spot for any other keyword will receive more than a third of all traffic. This means, 30 percent of all people will visit that site. Now imagine if only a small percentage of those purchase goods and/or services from that site? That’s right… the business gets paid!
So how is SEO done. Well… there are lots of ways to have a site rank on Google, for example. Kind of like cooking a meal, a perfect result is made from various ingredients that, if used in the correct order and proportions, create the perfect result. Links, traffic and social signals tend to be the three main ranking factors, although Google will say that there are many other elements. There are off- and -n-page elements to consider. For example, sites need to be mobile-friendly! Why? Because mobile devices are more commonly used to access the internet than desktop computers — who would have thought.