What is the Open Music Factory?

The Open Music Factory is a place where people get together and make Online Music Collaboration. From the comfort of home, with the track sharing method, we’re able to create nice songs. All genres, all original and never listened before. The OMF is not a place where to rescue musicians or singers, but a community that creates artworks with music. No special equipement is required. Just your PC with a good sound card, a recording software and a cable to plug your instrument. With only four steps, you are in!

New Release!

Have you ever seen a funky dog walking on the street? He’s cool, he’s smart and he’s free. Like this fresh online music collaboration, very easy to listen and well interpretated by Billy Playle and Wolfgang Sailer, the singers, and by many OMF good musicians, that have been able to give to this song a real cool and modern touch. Enjoy our Fonkey Dawg, and think that in the next song… you might be in!

Artists involved:
Drums and Percussions: Eric Dyer
Bass: Emiliano Andreotti
Guitars: Sergio Valdes
Guitars: Alex da Lisca
Keybs: Ronnie Bell
Vocals: Billy Playle
Vocals: Wolfgang Sailer
Graphics: Marika Rinaldi

Co-Song Focus

Once again, a new online music collaboration has been completed. Eight artists have worked on this nice instrumental song, which has become a lovely mixture of modern sounds and ancient atmospheres. Relaxing, transporting and sweet, one piece all to be enjoyed and that looks like to be made only for a meditation.

Beyonce took it beyond

The worldwide star made a bundle considering that the surprise launch of her eponymous fifth record just on iTunes the other day — using a $15.99 price. She jumped the conventional promotion path entirely, which became a vocation-defining second which has blown the heads of lovers and industry insiders alike.

In three times, her 1-4-monitor, 1 7-movie superb job surpassed gold, marketing 617,000 copies in the U.S.A.. – and 823,000 global in that time period. Five days after, she attained one million downloads. ‘Beyonce’ additionally topped the iTunes charts in 104 states and is the quickest-selling iTunes launch in history. She’s reached the apparently hopeless despite unclear climate of today’s recording business.

In the prior decade, record sales were to the decrease as Web leaks have become much more common and internet streaming services more widespread. This drawback has spawned unorthodox record roll outs from artists who don’t think within the old methods of doing things.

“I needed individuals to know the tunes against the storyline that’s inside my head,” the Houston indigenous continued within her ‘Self-Titled’ document. That eyesight inside my brain is exactly what I needed folks to have the very first time.”

The record has characteristics from her daughter Blue Jay-Z, Ivy, Drake and Frank Ocean to list a few.

Clover Hope, Deputy Editor of VIBE journal, concurs the common path wouldn’t have given the same effects. “I’m virtually sure she would’ve offered less. This album doubled the revenue of her last record, ’4,’ which offered 310,000 copies in its first week. The visible expertise plus unexpected release is exactly what labored,” Hope tells The Boombox.

Beyonce needed to work extra difficult to stay ‘Lily’ — the code-name for that record before its launch, in accordance with Billboard – a shock. The deadline for ‘Beyonce’ wasn’t finalized until several days before its rollout. The chanteuse failed to start cutting down tracks for those opus until late Oct and was nonetheless setting up singing as of Thanksgiving. Closing assemblies in regards to the record’s supply were held weekly before its launch. Simply the top execs at iTunes and Columbia Records understood that Beyonce intended to although we slept provide the report and climb down our electronic chimneys.

“It’s simple to ignore a great deal of matters when you’re a millionaire. But can you become a millionaire without that document label that you’re getting pictures at inside your tune?” Hustle inquires. “Possibly. Possibly not. She might want them less than in the past, but that’s founded on the recognition and strength she’s previously wielded in excellent component with that construction within the last 15 years.”

But with less stunts, Beyonce’s record rollout turned out to be graceful rustle that became a resounding roar. Her true fan base, dubbed the “BeyHive,” created buzz; no demand to get a road group. Media shops that print news articles off the tiniest crumb of information on ‘Yonce adopted. Critics in the commercial, music, trend and feminist spheres created listings and indepth feel parts to the record virtually immediately. The 32-year old songstress understood this might occur and everyone fell because of it.

“I believed like I don’t need anybody to supply the concept when my report is being released. I only need this to come back out when it’s prepared, and from me to my supporters,” she describes in Part one of her ‘Self-Titled’ doc-.

But perhaps not many people are happy in regards to the iTunes unique. As bodily duplicates of ‘Beyonce’ strike brick and mortar stores this week, Target.com — a retail merchant which has only sold the vocalist’s undertakings previously – is refusing to market the LP since it had not been made accessible to any or all vendors at once.

In a highly indirect manner, Beyonce is telling the whole world this twelvemonth that her record was arriving. She’s been building momentum because the the top of 2013.

One point is for certain, Beyonce has become the surface of the new age star. Why don’t you use it to her benefit? She’s become larger as opposed to aves she once crossed to achieve her supporters.

While in the forthcoming weeks, critics will obviously question what Beyonce’s strength move means for your future of audio. There aren’t several artists who will ever pull this effort away and the others ought to feel hard before attempting the same action. This isn’t about viewing who can-do the exact same techniques the greatest more than it’s about artists believing more in depth on what techniques work best due to their business name.

Subsequently arrived the electrifying Super Bowl half-time efficiency, her H.B.O. ‘Life Is However A Dream’ doc- along with one of the most competitive Bey we’ve noticed however in the contentious tune ‘Bow Down’ (now called ‘Flawless’ about the record). Let’s underline this having a $50-million Pepsi sanction deal and being showcased because the facial skin of H&M’s summer line.

“It’s simple to contact her design wizard and it’s also simple to sabotage it,” Hope considers. “Artists constantly talk about bucking the conventional music business model and wind-up doing nothing about this since performance isn’t as easy as people believe.”

And Hov persuaded Samsung.com to purchase one million duplicates of his own ‘Magna Carter Holy Grail’ LP before it had been even introduced for the general public. In addition, he surprised supporters by declaring he’d create a brand new record two weeks ahead of the launch.

“The most powerful component was the sound as well as the visuals all released at the same time. Had it simply been a sound record release, the influence wouldn’t are equal,” Karlie Hustle, Audio Director at Nyc radio station Hot 97, tells The Boombox. “Beyonce and her staff definitely pay focus on tendencies and customer habits. Like, I’d be ready to wager they are seeing a stage like Netflix.com successfully releasing whole seasons of new displays simultaneously and letting folks love them at their leisure.”

“It was significant that people created this a film, we produced this an encounter,” she includes inside the ‘Self-Titled’ visible. “I needed everyone to understand the complete image also to observe how private everything will me.”

Trouble in the Music Industry?

As sales of CDs plunged during the past decade, the music business clung to a comfort: downloads continued to sell briskly as folks stuffed their iPods and computers with tunes by the billions. Now even that conviction appears to have vanished, as downloads head toward their very first annual decline.

What Does It Look Like?

After experiencing double-digit growth within the past few years after its iTunes store was opened by Apple in 2003, track downloads began to cool several years back. However, the speed of fall this year — weekly sales started to lag in February, along with the fall has accelerated quickly recently — has captured the company by surprise.

So far in 2013, 1.01 billion track downloads are sold within america, down 4 percent in exactly the same time this past year, agreeing with the monitoring service Nielsen Sound Scan.


Music executives and analysts disagree about just what’s causing this slow down, but a lot of them mention two as potential causes: streaming music services like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube, and programs teaching students to make their own music from home. After a decade, consumers might be losing interest in purchasing downloads and instead embracing the providers, which will make millions of tracks available in the tap of the smartphone software, free or for a couple dollars per month.

Can Online Music Help the Industry?

But, some experts state that fast expanding earnings from streaming may eventually help turn the complete industry toward positive outcomes, even as downloads drop. This past year, streaming and subscription services created $1.03 billion in earnings, up 59 percent in the year before, agreeing with the Recording Industry Association of America, and a lot of these suppliers are reporting strong growth in 2013.

Whether streaming has had any demonstrable impact on sales stays intensely debated, although. Do YouTube and Spotify, which let customers pick the songs they perform, cannibalize sales, or direct listeners to songs they might purchase later? And do other radio-like companies and Pandora – - a similar feature was introduced by Apple, iTunes Radio, last month – - contend with revenue whatsoever, or only with radio?

“We just don’t realize that customers are leaving one to visit another,” said David Bakula, a senior analyst at Nielsen.

No matter the main reason behind the decrease in downloads, several analysts and executives say they’re bullish in the sector’s prospects, mainly due to the development of streaming.

Some research also indicates that Android consumers might spend less money on music than Apple customers.

“As Android enlarges its marketplace, and when Android users are much less likely than iOS users to purchase music, we ought to expect to find signs of developments in electronic revenue,” said Glenn Peoples, the senior editorial analyst at Billboard.

No publicly available revenue information directly supports this assumption, however, and it is disputed by others.

Some experts also indicate the upswing of Android products as a potential determinant within the fall in downloads. While phones using Google’s os now represent most of revenue, Google’s Perform shop stays eclipsed by iTunes, undoubtedly the dominant music retailer.

MEOW to Support Female Rock Stars

MEOWRock ‘n’ roll remains a boy’s club, despite contributions from woman rockers for example Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Debbie Harry. The reality that they’re female defines their legacies.

The business intends to make the notion of females as musicians, rather than females as entertainers, more prevalent. The MEOW organization was developed by founder Carla Black from the previous job, ROCKRGRL Magazine.

“I needed to-do something that was not mag-established and something that was more of a business,” Black stated.

On Oct. 24, MEOW will hold its first ever convention, MEOW Con, in the Renaissance Resort. The convention is both an attempt to deal with necessities of female musicians and also to spread knowledge about MEOW.

“It is really about equal opportunities for girls,” Black stated. “It’s about more women playing drums, more all female bands, merely more focus to women rather than treating them-like such novelties or pariahs.”

MEOWgazine functions as a stage for sparking discussions about the problems and spreading information about female musicians some girls encounter.

Quatro has sold over 55 million albums worldwide, and is thought to be the first female bassist becoming a rock star. She’ll also perform in the convention.

Grace London, a thirteen year – old musician who’s also planned to perform and speak in the convention, described what MEOW way to her as a teen.

“I believe that it’s all about bringing consciousness to individuals and I believe that you simply want organizations in this way to try this,” Falconberry stated.

“It’s providing women and girls a spot to get knowledge, and so many women have so many encounters,” London said. “I may use their experiences to shape my very own path.”

Music Veteran J. Grady to Launch Record label

A New Label & The last Album of A Cowboy

john gradyMusic industry expert John Grady will establish a fresh record label called I.R.S. Nashville next year with all the launch of the closing full-length album recorded by Cowboy Jack Clement. The label will even be home to Nashville duo Hitting Matches’ debut report.

I.R.S. Nashville is really a partnership of Universal Music and Crush Management Nashville, which Grady co-owns. I.R.S. Nashville will broadcast its music through Caroline, the supply company-owned by Common, Grady said.

Grady mentioned the concept for the enterprise came from CEO Steve Barnett and Capitol Music Group Chairman, who wanted Common to truly have a shot in another group like Kings of Leon or The Black Keys to turn out of Nashville.

“They need an opportunity to utilize those groups, so their records don’t escape Nashville — so these records don’t must go from town to be-released,” Grady said.

jack clementFor now, the sole full-time employee of I.R.S. Nashville is going to be Grady, however he said the label would include employees after it’s up and running in 2014. Grady said he expected having “under 10″ workers at I.R.S. Nashville, that’s still seeking an office area. ”I’m seeking new artists each day,” Grady said. “That’s mainly what it’ll be. There’s space inside for records, when the appropriate document arrives and we find a combined interest such as this Cowboy Jack record, to me that’s ideal.”

The Clement report doesn’t get the official launch date yet, but the hope is it’ll probably be early in 2014, Grady said. Clement, who died in August, recorded his report with David Ferguson and T-bone Burnett this past year. The group’s debut record remains in the works. Grady formerly worked at Columbia Nashville, DMZ Music, Epic Nashville and Monument Nashville.

Vitalizing the Industry?

Got Spotted!

Spotify expects more artists see benefits from working with all the service. He painted an ambitious vision for his electronic system, which at that time boasted 6 million paid subscribers and 24 million world-wide total customers.

Sean Parker, Napster’s notorious co-founder and early Spotify investor, added the funk-rock The Black Jack White’s single to his fashionable “Hipster International” playlist. Over 880,000 enthusiasts follow the close-200 song group, which contains recognized acts such As The Black Keys and Phoenix along with up-and-coming artists. For an emerging team with 1, 588 Twitter followers and just 6, 776 Facebook enthusiasts, the publicity gave an unanticipated increase to Spirit Animal.


The Rush!

Spotify users have streamed “The Black Jack White” over 450,000 times because Parker laid ears to the melody. Consequently, Spirit Animal has obtained sudden royalties. The group’s not becoming loaded or earning money off the money. However the members have discovered a concrete impact: touring prices.

Unlike a lot of music business employees, that are based in an area known more for reaping gains than satisfying artists, Ek’s comments stood out for his intention to victor artist interests. He proclaimed that a part of his own company’s assignment, which, unlike Apple or Google can keep its undivided focus on music related problems, would be to cover musicians their fair-share later on.

“It worked wonders for people,” says Cooper. “The Spotify plays have led to new enthusiasts and interest within the group. From a personal perspective, I have had the joy of hearing our tune blaring from a pub across from my flat, unprompted.”

However for the large part, guitarist Cal Stamp believes the absolute amount of Spotify streams, despite creating much less income per listen, has relatively dwarfed the group’s iTunes revenues. It’s also helped persuade on-line listeners to attend inperson exhibits. People sing-along and understand the accompanying dancing in the single’s video.

Nonetheless, the group believes it still must take other traditional measures to ensure Kingdom Phylum, its newest self released EP, finds success. At this stage, they believe that goal demands much more than simply the system. But it’s a beginning. “I do not know if [Spotify's] a game changer,” states Stamp. “It is undoubtedly helpful. It is really something within the box of resources.”

“My aim is to not merely transform the 24 million into purchasing [a subscription],” Ek told the L.A. Times. “My aim would be to obtain 1 billion utilizing flowing services instead of a piracy support.”

In lots of ways, Ek bears the torch for a business some believe could revitalize the music business. It’s also assured to double these payments from the entire year’s ending , and it has proposed the amount could skyrocket in following years because it is growing its user-base and help curb piracy.

“It is awesome whenever you understand that quantity translate to bread.”

The business must bring more paying subscribers to utilize its on-line music service, to help artists pay their expenses. Meaning directing people away from challengers Rdio, Pandora, MOG and Deezer. With that much opposition, not everybody’s confident Spotify can effectively reach its lofty aims.