Why Your Business Needs SEO

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For a local business, understanding how to use SEO, is a very important factor, because all of your competition knows about it and uses it. So if you own a business, and don’t know about SEO, you are not using it, and you are behind.

SEO is all about positioning your website so that your potential customers find you first when they go to Google or Yahoo looking for subjects that pertain to your website.

When people are searching for “dog toys” in your town, they would enter that into the search engine box. If you have optimized your website properly, made it available for mobile marketing and have a good presence in social media, you can dominate the listings in your area.

It is highly recommended that you hire a SEO company to set all of this up for you. It will be money well spent. You do not have time, and no one on your staff has the time to set all of this up, manage it on a daily basis and maintain it. If you have a staff member attempt to manage your web presence, you are making the mistake of assuming that they will know what they are doing, and you are taking them off of their already important assignments.

You will want to see all phases of work from this vendor. They will have to build you a comprehensive, professional looking website, accompanying sub pages illustrating your products and services, properly optimized with appropriate key words, and which is easy to read and navigate.Image result for seo art
The website must also be optimized for mobile use, as over 60% of all the searches are now being conducted from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Have the vendor show you how their company is able to set up and drive traffic from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Have them go into specifics, showing statistical proof that what they do really works. One of those companies is Liquid Canyon, who can do SEO in NYC for you

You must also be assured that your social media sites will be managed on a daily basis. They should constantly be updated with new information and someone should communicate with people who are engaging with your brand on social media.

If all of this is in place and the SEO company is actually doing all of this, the money you pay for this service will be well worth it. SEO is still a relatively new method of advertising, but nonetheless, it is an extremely profitable one, as this is where the people are and you will get almost immediate feedback and results from a well run SEO campaign.